The Dragon’s Den (@Dr4g0nsVsP3d0s)#TheDragonsDen #TH3H1V3 #ARIELSARMY #VOL4KIDS DRAGON’S ALERT After 2 weeks of hunting on @instagram we have a couple #PedoPOS 2 expose that are out there right now #SexuallyExploiting little girls on a massive scale. WE need help bringing them 2 #Justice.


WE have been warning everyone about how bad SM is 4 kids, so WE are going 2 try this again. #Pedophiles are out there right now, possibly sexually exploiting YOUR CHILD on SM, Instagram or Twitter #ThisIsNotAGame #ChildrenAreNotToys


@instagram is struggling to stay on top of a secret network of child pornography distributors. A ring of #Pedophiles sharing sickening images are using the app to lead ppl to advertised links to endless cp content on Dropbox. #PedosVsKids #TickTock
The file hosting service says it’s “Unknowingly” allowing #Pedophiles 2 circulate indecent images of underage children. {Oh really?} According 2 a report by The Atlantic, it ended up being discovered by “youngsters!” That’s right, KIDS FOUND IT, & have been alerting followers.



It May even be even one of your kids Whoever they are, they’re fighting pedos! Alerting followers 2 have them reported & tracking the #’s they’re using. Children are now hunting pedos America, because there are not enough of us that can do this fuggin job! #WWG1WGA REMEMBER?


So, how bout that “Unknowingly” part. When We went 2 report some of these #PedoPOS, guess what We found, It seems the law firm of Wallin & Klarich have teamed up with Instagram to get all #ChildPorn distributors the “Help” they need 2 get off scott free. Don’t believe me?


But an @instagram spokesperson told @DailyMail ‘Keeping children & young people safe on Instagram is hugely important to us. We do not allow content that endangers children, & we have blocked the #’s in question. But, once they take those down, the pedos find another 1 to use.


#TheDragonsDen #TH3H1V3 #ARIELSARMY #VOL4KIDS … 36 yr old Peter J. Wangler, from Moscow ID facing 12 felony counts of #ChildPorn distribution pleas guilty to 5 counts of #ChildSexualExploitation. #StopTheAbuse #ChildrenAreNotToys @VOL4KIDS @Drag0nsVsPed0s
Just like the #PedoPOS on Twitter. Look, this is not a joke anymore. If I gave you all the #’s that #TheDragonsDen & #TH3H1V3 have found that lead 2 pics of your kids, live #ChildRape galleries & ways 2 meet up w/ kids 4 sex, I’d be shut down, not them.
What it comes down 2 is this, if @instagram cares about the #Children & keeping them safe then why is #TheDragonsDen & #CatchAPedo spending hours in DM with these #SikFux only 2 report them & have instagram tell us they are NOT IN VIOLATION? Becuz no 1 is really checking or DGAF!


So @instagram, I spend some time w/ #childpredatorinformationexchange & we would like to know what you think about all of these #ChildPorn accounts in this pastebin? How are they up to your standards 4 protecting #Children on your platform?  .@POTUS


I suggest you take those down IMMEDIATELY! Now, for your merry band of #PedoProtecting “Lawyers” #WeAreComing 4 them 2. If you think that #Pedophiles don’t know that distributing images of naked children being raped or engaging in sexual activity is illegal, let me help you out!


These are the laws & statutes recognized in America against the distribution of #ChildPorn & the #SexualExploitiation of kids online. I suggest you get familiar pedos, cuz this “I didn’t know” BS isn’t working 4 #TheDragonsDen, #TH3H1V3, or #Anonymous. …


“The legal definition of sexually explicit conduct does not require that an image depict a child engaging in sexual activity. A picture of a naked child may constitute illegal #ChildPorn if it is sufficiently sexually suggestive.” … There’s more pedos..
Additionally, the age of consent 4 sexual activity in a given state is IRRELEVANT; any depiction of a minor under 18 yrs of age engaging in sexually explicit conduct is illegal. & I can’t forget 2 mention … Ex. Order S. 2152 Child Pornography Victim Act
Now, @instagram I’d suggest instead of leading teens, pedos & #ChildPorn distributors 2 a law firm 2 help buy their way out of JAIL, you put these links up instead. Before a bunch of teens become registered Sex offenders & you get #ShutDown like backpage.
You have #PedoPOS all over your platform. I had #Dragons baiting them for weeks on your #PedoPlatform. All these 2 wanted was pictures of a 13 yr old girls vaginas. You were notified about these 2 for months & never shut them down!
Now as 4 the law firm that is making $ off of being #PedoProtectors, #TH3H1V3 has a gift for ya.  Wallin & Klarick~Part 1 Now, the real ? Is, Instagram are you getting a portion of the $ made from every #PedoPOS that gets no jail time from this lawfirm?
I bet you fuggin do.  So, from now on, you will now be known as “Wallin & Klarich the #PedoLegalTeam.” Everytime WE find out you are representing a pedo from @instagram, we will expose you, them & Instagram, Understand? I hope so. #Lulz #StopTheAbuse
As 4 the parents that take the time to read this, what are you doing? Are your kids online? Do you let them share pics on their profiles? I suggest you check & stop it now. In 100% of cases, teens that are victims of sexual predators online have gone willingly 2 meet them. #Fact


If you knew what some of your kids are doing online, you would be very hurt & you would know how bad they are hurting 2. Little girls begging 4 attention because they are not getting it at home. Little boys confused about who or what they are supposed to be. They are alone!


We are all hurting right now, but your children may be suffering & selling themselves is how they are coping. #OpWhereAreTheKids? They are online, they are lonely & they are consuming pornographic material so much they are becoming addicted … #ARIELSARMY
New research from Bitdefender has reported children under 10 now account for 22% of online porn consumption under 18 yrs old. Particularly alarming is that the site most visited by children under 10 include porn mega sites like Pornhub. … #DoYouEvenCare?
Do you have any idea what happens to a child’s brain that gets exposed to porn, even over just a 6 week period of time? How about the affects it has on society, marriage & families? Well, it isn’t good.
By not paying attention 2 your kids & paying attention 2 politics, @POTUS or the MSM more, is affecting our #Children on a massive scale & you’re playing into the #Pedos hands. Because trust me, when you aren’t watching them, chances are someone else is.
#TheDragonsDen #TH3H1V3 & #ARIELSARMY can only warn you so many times. If you care, sit down with your child & if they’re on SM at all, go through their profiles. See who they’re talking 2, what info they’re sending & 2 who? #TickTock #SaveOurChildren @threadreaderapp unroll


#TheDragonsDen #TH3H1V3 #ARIELSARMY #VOL4KIDS … 36 yr old Peter J. Wangler, from Moscow ID facing 12 felony counts of #ChildPorn distribution pleas guilty to 5 counts of #ChildSexualExploitation. #StopTheAbuse #ChildrenAreNotToys @VOL4KIDS @Drag0nsVsPed0s
Peter Joel Wangler was arrested in Dec after Moscow PD Forensic Detective Eric Kjorness found Wangler’s computer was used to share #ChildPorn files online. According to court documents, Wangler shared thousands of files with a dozen different investigators. A dozen? #Lulz

But here is the best part. He was only sentenced to 45 days, he was allowed work release & he doesn’t have 2 turn himself in until JUNE! The maximum penalty for 1 count of #ChildPorn distribution is 30 yrs in prison & a $50k fine. So, is this #Justice 4 #ChildSexAbuse now?.@POTUS

No, it isn’t! So, since he is still walking around, it is my job to inform the public {now that he is a registered sex offender} where he is & where he will be until he does his weak, pathetic excuse 4 a sentence #OpDoxxTheNonces  Peter Wangler #Doxx
Just so everyone knows this #PedoPOS has degrees in virtual technology/design. His internet access was restricted by the court, but his job clearly requires full time internet access. & #WeKnow how well sex offenders SM profiles are monitored.. NEVER! #WatchersOnTheWalls
But #WeAreWatching #WeAreWaiting & #WeKnow this #PedoPOS will not be able to stop. The chances of him reoffending are very high but the chances of him being caught or have to do time for it next time, are slim to none. His FB profile & everything else is in there. #WWG1WGA

So please, feel free to let him, his boss, the Judge & everyone else how you feel about this, I know I am.
WE have a serious problem with pedophiles using restaurants, Ice cream parlors & shopping malls to molest kids. Please read this thread & retweet. #VoicesForTheVoiceless #SaveOurChildren #StopTheAbuse 🕸 … Baskin Robbins owner charged with rape. Felony charges of allegedly raping & molesting a minor have been filed against Pullman Baskin Robbins owner, Dennis Cox, 59. Cox is charged with the rape of a child in the 3rd degree, child molestation in the..

3rd degree, indecent exposure & communicating with a minor for immoral purposes. Aug 11, 2017 Court documents state the witness reported Cox sexually assaulted her in his home, cabin, car & business over a 6 month period! Cox initially denied the allegations but was arrested on..


with what appears to be blood all over them, while eating ice cream. 1 of the children appears to have a black eye, & for those of us awake #WeKnow what that means #PandaEyes … This is #NotAGame, so why these people would make a mockery of children’s pain,

Is beyond me. But, their symbolism will be their downfall. …
  • But 4 now they’re using #Jesus to make a mockery of kids being abused, the rapture has now become an ice cream {Red Rapture😡} & Christians can keep crying because religion is dying & 4 a small price you can just buy “holy water” & drink your sins away. 🤣
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    Bryce @brycedimsdale
    Let the #christians cry… #Religion is dying, and ice cream is far more inclusive and appealing to everyone. #SweetJesusicecream #sweetjesus #icecream
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    So #VoodooDonuts ✔ #SweetJesus Ice cream✔ #CometPizza ✔ Now your everyday basic restaurant are places you can no longer leave your kids unattended because #Pedophilia is more common than you can imagine & pedophiles are EVERYWHERE … @ChIcCa_Gu3Rr3rA
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    Boys ‘abused at restaurants by pedophiles’ 💥DO NOT let you child be in ANY public bathroom by his/herself. Especially libraries. Library bathrooms are known for a lot of various types of sexual activities from prostitution to a pedophile hangout …
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Salinas CA. 11/20/2018 Police say they arrested a man after a child’s family members found him in a restaurant restroom with the child & then chased him through the parking lot. It looks to me they did more than just chase him. He’s lucky he’s ALIVE!!

  • … As a matter of fact, they appear to be getting more brazen. This little girl & her mother were eating lunch in a shopping mall & halfway through, the girl needed to go to the restroom, She was permitted to do so, alone. This was when an unidentified man..
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    immediately followed her into the restroom & locked the doors. Wondering why her daughter was spending such a long time in the restroom, the mum decided to check on her, only to find her shaking, crying in a corner, & covered in blood. 😔🕊💫 1 second is all these #PedoPOS need!
  • … Don’t believe me? A FL man was arrested in the sexual assault of a 2 yr old in the bathroom of an Orlando Chick-fil-A after a customer said he witnessed the attack. Orlando PD said David Gray, 35, faces charges of sexual battery of a child younger than 12
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    lewd or lascivious battery & molestation, child abuse & contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He was denied bond. Police said Gray was working as a home day care provider for the family of the child, & was a frequent visitor to the restaurant. #SeeSomethingSaySomething
    So, this isn’t confirmed but in my opinion, he had been taking this little girl to this restaurant to molest her since he started caring for her, & he would have kept getting away with it for years if he hadn’t been caught. My ? is, how did the parents not notice?🕊 #ARIELSARMY

Please keep an eye on your child at all times. These stories are everywhere and maybe if the MSM and our Justice system shamed these Pedophiles like they should be, this would stop happening. #OpWhereAreTheKids? Being forgotten. @threadreaderapp unroll #ACH4RL0TT3ZW3B